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We are already into a new year, and we are hoping you’ve settled in after the busy holidays. These January days can lead to time for goal setting and resolutions for change. We’d like to offer some encouragement and suggestions for making the best of the next 12 months and beyond for your pet, from all of us at VETERINARYCARE At Belmont ™!

Commit to Your Pet’s Dental Health

Kick-off 2022 with a commitment to daily brushing of your pet’s teeth, which will provide your best friend with a healthy mouth and improve their breath. In addition to brushing, we can recommend dental chews or treats that have been specifically proven to help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthier. While you are thinking about it, make an appointment for your pet’s professional dental cleaning, too. By getting your pet a professional dental cleaning, we can evaluate the health of your dog or cat’s mouth, remove tartar and plaque, and examine the gums for evidence of gum disease.

The best time to address issues like dental tartar buildup is before they become worse, which can lead to complications to your pet’s overall health as bacteria makes its way into the bloodstream. Of course, if your best friend had a broken tooth or abscessed tooth, we’d want you to come in right away so they can get the care necessary to minimize pain and discomfort.

Remember to Be Consistent With Preventive Medications

Set a monthly date on your calendar as a reminder to administer your pet’s flea, tick, and heartworm medications. It’s best to maintain a consistent schedule, and we often recommend the same time each month.

Preventive medications are important for many reasons; not only can they prevent parasites from affecting your pet’s health, but many diseases are actually Zoonotic, meaning they can be contagious to humans. Talk to us about the best plan for protecting your pet and family members.

Spend Time With Your Pet

From daily walks to time spent in training (don’t forget the treats!) to frequent trips to the dog park or pet-friendly local establishments around Smyrna, make it a point to spend quality time with your best friend.

They love nothing more than spending time with you, even if it means being snuggled up to watch a movie together.

Commit to the Best Nutrition for Your Pet

All pet foods are not created equal, and the pet food industry is one that markets heavily to consumers. When choosing the best diet for your pet, your best resource is your veterinarian.

Some diets are best for pets with specific medical conditions, while others are best for pets with specific health problems like urinary tract disease or pancreatitis.

We can also help you best understand the ingredients in pet foods and how to compare one brand with another; as well as evaluate how much protein or grains are in a specific diet.

And, most importantly, we can assist with letting you know the correct portion size for each of your pet’s meals so that you can help keep them at a healthy weight.

Make a New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

Develop a lasting relationship with your veterinarian. This is best accomplished by bringing in your pet for wellness examinations once a year, and twice for our senior pet friends. Prevention is key to helping your best friend avoid being sick or injured, and catching problems early could save you lots of heartache and expense.

Our VETERINARYCARE At Belmont ™ veterinary team promises to:

  • Relentlessly deliver a high standard of technology-driven care and quality animal products to our clients and community.
  • Be caring, compassionate and competent in delivering preventive, treatment and emergency interventions.
  • Provide a well-managed and maintained facility in an uplifting environment for our clients and staff.

We can’t wait to see you and your pet in the upcoming year and help them on their journey of good health and happiness! To make an appointment, please call: (678) 581-4055. For added convenience, our clinic hours are from 9 am – 9 pm, to help accommodate the busy lives of our pet owners in the Smryna, GA area.