The holidays are a time for family, friends, and celebrating. But if you have pets, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers that come along with the season. From toxic food to holiday decorations, there are plenty of hazards that can harm your furry friend. But don’t worry! With a little bit of planning, you can make sure your pet has a happy and safe holiday season. Our veterinary care team at VeterinaryCare at Belmont is here to help!

Toxic Foods

One of the biggest dangers to pets during the holidays is the temptation of human food. From Thanksgiving turkey to Christmas cookies, it’s hard to resist giving our four-legged friends a little taste of what we’re eating. But many common holiday foods can be toxic to pets. For example, turkey skin is high in fat and can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs and cats. And chocolate, of course, is poisonous to both dogs and cats. So if you’re going to give your pet table scraps this holiday season, be sure to check that they are safe first!

Holiday Decorations

Another hazard to watch out for during the holidays are decorations. Dogs and cats love to chew on things, which can be dangerous if they happen to chew on electric cords or tinsel. If you have a live tree in your home, be sure to keep an eye on your pets around it. Although trees are not poisonous, the water they are kept in can often contain harmful bacteria. And if your tree happens to tip over, it could injure your pet—or even start a fire. So take some time this holiday season to Pet-Proof your home against hazards like these!

Candles are another decoration to be wary of. It’s so easy for cats and dogs to knock them over and start a fire. So if you plan on using candles in your holiday decorations, be sure to keep them out of reach of your pets at all times. Even better, opt for battery-powered candles – they look unbelievably real, and don’t present the dangers that flames do.

Increased Activity

Finally, it’s important to be aware of how the increased activity during the holidays can affect your pet. Whether it’s extra loud noises from social gatherings or more people coming in and out of your home, all of this activity can be overwhelming and even scary for some animals. If you know your pet gets stressed easily, try to create a quiet space for them where they can go to escape the noise and activity. This will help keep them calm and prevent any unwanted accidents.

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

With a little bit of planning ahead, you can make sure your pet has a safe and enjoyable holiday season! Be sure to keep an eye out for hazards like toxic food and harmful decorations, and create a quiet space for your pet if needed. By following these simple tips, you’ll help ensure that this holiday season is one both you and your furry friend will remember—for all the right reasons!

To schedule an appointment for your pet, contact VeterinaryCare at Belmont today. We would be happy to help make sure your pet is healthy, up to date on vaccines, and all set to enjoy this holiday season!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at VeterinaryCare at Belmont!

Image credit: Unsplash