Anyone who has ever lost their pet will attest to the fact that the grief you feel is much like losing a family member. Of course, it would be–after all, your furry friends are most certainly one of the family. Having to deal with the death of a pet is a painful and heartbreaking event that few know how to manage well. It’s hard to know where to begin in coping, however, there are some healthy steps you can take that can help ease the pain a little. Our VETERINARYCARE At Belmont ™ Veterinary team cares and has prepared this reference for you. Read on for some of the best ways you can cope with losing your treasured animal companion.




1. Talk About Your Deceased Pet



One of the best ways to cope is by talking about your pet. Gathering with those who love you will make the memories of your furry one stronger. You can share your favorite stories, look over photos, and focus on the wonderful times you had together.




2. Visit Your Pet’s Grave Site



If you have set up a gravestone or had your pet buried in a special place, then it is a great idea that you visit their resting place from time to time and allow yourself to talk to your pet and grieve out loud when necessary to help the healing process. Give them updates and talk to them about your daily life just like you did when they were around. Perhaps plant a special tree or perennial to brighten the area and bring you joy when you visit.




3. Speak to Friends and Family for Support



You don’t have to be alone while grieving–friends and family are there for you, so reach out for support when needed. You may, of course, want to try and deal with the loss on your own, but this method rarely helps people cope properly. However, if you are sure you can process such devastating situations better when you are alone, then you should always do what you know is right for you in the end.




4. Find a Pet Support Group Near You



Look for local support groups in Smyrna, GA in magazines, newspapers and on the internet. A lot of places often have an in-person pet support group where you can spend time with people dealing with the same process as you. Discussing your grief with those who know exactly what you are feeling can be a great resource and have positive improvements on your mental health. If you don’t have a local Smyrna group, check out if there are any online groups you can be part of instead.




5. Express Your Emotions Whenever Necessary



Your grief will come in waves–one minute you’ll be watching television and feeling fine, and the next you’ll be crying while washing the dishes. Don’t be hard on yourself when these moments happen. Instead, allow yourself to feel everything you are feeling. Don’t try to suppress your sadness or anger, just take the time you need to get your emotions out.




6. Give Yourself Time to Heal



Grief for a pet, just like with a beloved friend or family member, never truly goes away. Rather, you just learn to slowly heal over a long period of time. Because grief can be such a long process, don’t give yourself a time frame or force yourself to feel okay again after a set number of weeks or months. Just take each day as it comes, and the more time that passes, the more you will learn to get through your grief and learn to cope better.




7. Keep The Same Routine for Your Other Pets



It is important to keep the same routine if you have other pets in the house. Keeping the routine and making life similar to how it was before your pet passed away will help you and your other four-legged friends get through it together by having a small sense of routine and normality.



8. Cope With Your Pet’s Death by Helping Others Out



Volunteering to help out at a local animal shelter or with fundraising can help you deal with the pain of losing a pet. You can focus on helping other animals and experience an immense feeling of joy by doing such wonderful things.




It’s frequently said that there is no right way to grieve, and this is completely true. Everyone copes with death in different ways, therefore some steps on the list may help you and others may not. However, it’s important to keep moving forward and focus on the wonderful memories you have of them. Trying to erase your memories or suppress your feelings is never a good idea, nor is it necessary. Instead, keep reminding yourself how lucky you were to have each other, and know that your pet knew they were deeply loved.




At VeterinaryCare at Belmont, we understand how much your pets mean to you, and realize that the end of the journey you share with your pet is a difficult time.






Image credit: Unsplash